3D panels from plaster

DUNES is a system of decorative panels 3D (three-dimensional panels otherwise) which when connected together form a single unit. Joints of the panels are glued together and ground until a homogeneous surface. Some projects are based on a formula panels that form a repeating decorative motif. Others are made with panels of different sequences that can be integrated with each other in many different ways to create a very special wall.
Panels are made of special plaster additionally reinforced with fiberglass. Dimensions and weight of the panels may vary depending on the design. In most cases, the plate weighs approx. 10 kg with dimensions of 1000 mm x 800 mm. 3D panels are non-toxic and do not contain volatile mineral. They are completely non-flammable.
Their installation is not difficult, but for best results it well to entrust an experienced specialist. We have also prepared a video showing the installation of decorative panels.